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the handmade life is a home based small business.  It is the project of a mom and two daughters. Our mission is to provide a healthier choice of personal, home and air cleansing products for people and the Earth. We hope people can be aware of the harm that chemicals cause. We hope people will care about what they use and will teach the next generation about a healthier choice.

Starting from the time I was pregnant with my first daughter, I have been reading the ingredient labels for products I bought. I thought I had been well-prepared to keep my family safe and healthy. My daughter has had eczema since she was a few months old. I have been feeling guilty for letting my daughter suffer from her itchy skin for years. Natural body wash was not good enough for her. However, until several years ago, we found out using commercial soap bars reduced the irritation level. It was then that it came to my mind "what if she uses homemade soap", that's how I started making soap for family use. This experiment proved that in fact, her skin improved a lot. However eczema has to deal with the diet, but these homemade products help reduce the irritation and effects.

Personally, I like to burn candles to cover the smell of cooking in my house. As mentioned, I have been reading ingredient labels for everything and did some research, so I knew I had to switch my choice to protect my family from harm. Beeswax candles are not only natural, non toxic, and do not contain chemicals, but it also releases negative ions to purify the air, giving us fresh air to breathe in. Soy wax candles are natural, petro-carbon soot free and can hold on scent of essential oil. Both beeswax and soy wax are environmentally friendly, our candles use cotton wicks which are also natural and lead free.

My daughter, Rachel, designed this logo for the handmade life, the leaves and stem represents the main ingredients of our products, which are plant-based, and the golden color represents fall as the handmade life was born in fall.